Events at Studio Hire Plymouth (and in the local area)

At Studio Hire Plymouth, we aim to bring the best events for photographers to the South West.

These events can range from lighting and Photoshop training with talented photographers, to studio days with some of the most sought after models in the country, allowing you the opportunity to expand not only your skill-set, but also your portfolio!

All events can be booked and paid for online for your convenience, but if you have any questions or would like to pay by another method, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you'd like to check out the events that we host in other areas of the UK, take a look at our Events on Tour page for full info.

Portfolio Builder with Hannah ScouldingTrident Studio, Plymouth

Friday 26th April, 2019just £35 per person

Portfolio Builder with Hannah Scoulding

Shoot 5 unique sets over 3 hours to add to your portfolio

Creative UV Beauty Portfolio BuilderTrident Studio, Plymouth

Saturday 27th April, 2019just £75 per person

Creative UV Beauty Portfolio Builder

Join us on this UV makeup themed event with 2 models and 4 hours of shoot time!

Portfolio Builder with Carla MonacoTrident Studio, Plymouth

Friday 31st May, 2019SOLD OUT

Portfolio Builder with Carla Monaco

Shoot 5 unique sets over 3 hours to add to your portfolio

Location Lighting Events with Carla MonacoOldway Gardens, Paignton

Saturday 1st June, 2019from just £55 per person

Location Lighting Events with Carla Monaco

Photographer Chris Conway will be hosting an off-camera flash workshop and portfolio builder event!